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Find out how you can be accepted at transfer to the university of Alberta - Canada

Do you plan to pursue a bachelor's degree at a Canadian university?
According to the Global Education News, Canada was the second ideal destination for education after the USA in 2022. Canada has top-notch educational institutions that can help you in finding a very good position with a reputable company, choosing an exciting career, and leading the life you crave. Yet the cost of living is lower in Canada. So why not include this country on your target list of perfect locations to study?

You may start your degree in Jakarta and continue to a Canadian university, did you know that? Are you looking for a university that can provide internship opportunities while assisting with your industry readiness?

If your response to any or all of the questions above is YES, you NEED to know more about how to apply to and transfer to the University of Alberta in Canada. Come see us soon to discuss your study strategy, begin your degree at the UIC ADTP Jakarta campus, and graduate in Canada!

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