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USGE Pattern

USG Education is the most integrated international education pathway provider in Indonesia.
Since 1994, we have continuously provided students with access to leading universities worldwide. We are also consistent in our quest for excellence and expansion.

Streamlined education and global exposure are vital in building human capital in this day and age. With a new approach to learning, USG Education provides just that: a range of internationally-standardized programs with an emphasis on career-focused courses. Chief among our unique offerings is the fact that we provide pathways for students who wish to further their education abroad. We take it upon ourselves to ensure such students have a smooth transition; we strive to provide them with courses, class interactions, and learning facilities that are on par with our esteemed university partners overseas.

Our solid growing partnership with well-known universities in prominent educational hubs such as Australia, UK & Europe, USA & Canada and many countries in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Japan is a testament to our standard of practice and professionalism. Today, USG Education is an established and credible educational institution with a strong network of more than 100 universities worldwide.


Pak Santoso W. Ramelan - President Commisioner of PT UniSadhuGuna & Chairman of YPB'66

Santoso W. Ramelan

President Commissioner of
PT UniSadhuGuna &
Chairman of YPB'66

Budiastuti Anhar Tusin-Chairperson of Lembaga Pendidikan UniSadhuGuna

Budiastuti A. Tusin

Chairperson of Lembaga Pendidikan UniSadhuGuna

Adirama G. Tusin-President Director of USG Education

Adhirama G. Tusin

President Director

Mr. Adhirama holds the role of President Director of USG Education and the Vice Chairman of Yayasan Persaudaraan Bangbayang ‘66. Before joining USG Education, Mr. Gumay spent years in the field of Change Management and Organizational Building. His credentials include various directorial positions in a wide range of industries, including Coal Mining, Renewable Energy & Mining Products, Trading, Agrobusiness, and Advertising Agency.

Aimee Sukesna

Aimee Sukesna

USG Education Head of BSD Campus and UIC College BTEC Specialist

Ms. Aimee Sukesna is the
USG Education Head of BSD Campus and the Head of UIC Foundation and BTEC Programs.
She has more than 13 years of experience in the education industry, including academic operations, Marketing & Public Relations, University Placement, and Corporate Relations. Education is where her heart is. Personable as she is passionate, Ms. Sukesna is an educator par excellence who believes in the balance of academic and life skills.

Reza Suriansha-Director of USG Education

Reza Suriansha


Mr. Reza Suriansha, MBA, started his career in our organization in 1997 as a Finance Manager and has served as Director of USG Education since 2010. Apart from his extensive experience in financial management, Mr. Suriansha specializes in developing strategic and business operational plans. Under his leadership, USG Education has become Indonesia’s most significant international education provider, with over 150 partner universities worldwide.

Ariyani Mawardi_Head of KG Campus

Ariyani Mawardi

USG Education Head of
KG Campus and ADTP Specialist

Ms. Ariyani Mawardi is the USG Education Head of Kelapa Gading Campus, and the program specialist for the American Degree Transfer Program. She has been working for USG Education since 2006, and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Finance from the University of St. Thomas, USA. Prior to her involvement in education, she has had more than 10 years of industry experience in various financial institutions, including lending, property valuation, insurance, and project management. Her 15 years of service with the USG Education has seen her in various roles as a lecturer, an academic coordinator currently as the Headof Campus.

Ario Muliawan_Head of Academics

Ario Muliawan

Head of Academics

Mr. Ario Muliawan, chairs the Academics and Quality Assurance Board. Having been granted a full scholarship to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Technological University in 1992 and a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Minnesota - Mr. Muliawan has chosen to work as an educator. He joined USG Education in 2004 as a Physical Science and Mathematics lecturer. He's been involved in various management roles, including Program Manager and Head of Academics.

Yuvin Maharuddin_Head of PIK Campus

Yuvin Maharuddin

USG Education Head of
PIK Campus and
UIC - UTS College IT & Engineering Specialist

Ms. Yuvin Maharuddin is the USG Education Head of Pantai Indah Kapuk Campus. An educator with more than ten years of experience under her belt, Ms. Maharuddin is a passionate educator who has joined USG Education in 2017. Apart from her main job as a Head of Campus, the Business Administration graduate from the Philippines School of Business Administration (PSBA) also holds the position of Program Specialist of UIC - UTS College Diplomas of Engineering and IT.

Uma-Paramita-Academic Manager BSD Campus

Uma Paramita

Academic Manager
BSD Campus

Fahry Pradipta-Academic Coordinator BTEC Program-400x400

Fahry Pradipta

Academic Coordinator
BTEC Program

Iskandar Hardiyansyah-Academic Manager KG Campus

Iskandar Hardiyansyah

Academic Manager
KG Campus

Andi Permana Jati (PJ)-Academic Coordinator Uniprep, UTS College & ADTP Taylor's Program-4

Andi Permana Jati

Academic Coordinator Uniprep, UTS College Program

Edwin Saujana-cademic Manager PIK Campus

Edwin Saujana

Academic Manager
PIK Campus

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