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7 Essential SELF-MANAGEMENT Skills To Prepare Your Child Before Studying Overseads

There are many different study options available in the educational world, yet every student and parent must be prepared. How can students get the right study options according to their interests and talents and are ready to study abroad? How can parents play a role in supporting children's study choices, leveraging character and the process of developing children's potential in finding talents and interests so that they don't make the wrong choice?

Through the Parenting Seminar, UIC-UTS College embraced parents and the larger community to further explore the gaps in how to develop the needs of their children so that they won't choose the wrong major. This seminar discussed the necessary abilities that must be gained and explored if children want to study overseas and can be a starting point for a future career.

This seminar is also an opportunity to get to know the UIC-UTS College program further in terms of study programs, overseas study methods, student life in Australia and career prospects through a communication major. Students at UIC-UTS College have a promising future through communication's comprehensive study options since the field of communication covers a diverse range of occupations, from business to media to creative to digital.

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