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Australia is a home to some of the greatest universities in the country, especially Sydney. So you're in good hands when it comes to a significant international education. But what makes Sydney such an attractive destination for overseas students?

To accommodate the curiosity and Australia’s dynamic life, an attractive info session was organized by USG Education (USGE) for the Diploma program at UIC College in partnership with UTS College Australia. As we all know, UIC - UTS College is a program that prepares students with excellent experience and preparation to start their second year at the University of Technology Sydney, or UTS. UIC College has been collaborating with UTS College for 6 years to run the UTS Diploma program in Jakarta, for the Business, Engineering, and IT majors, and last year it strengthened the relationship by introducing a new major in Indonesia, that is, Communication.

Leo Mian Liu, UTS's Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Partnership), visited UIC College and met all students, ensuring that all students' questions were fully answered especially on support services to help them settle into life at UTS and how UTS can maintain their wellbeing throughout their studies
During the end-of-day Exclusive Media Interview, he assures that every UTS student is going to get the most of the individual attention through skill-sets, practical learning, and industry-based curriculum to enter the most exquisite global industry to begin their careers.

You will therefore get incredible experience from a chance of a lifetime while you study at UTS. Combining academic education with a variety of exciting explorations of other culture activities in your spare time is something you may wish for!


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