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Uniprep - UNSW College Serial Events with Michelle Willoughby

“Unlock your potential and secure your spot at UNSW, world’s top 50 university” with Michelle Willoughby, Business Development Manager TNE at UNSW Global, was totally flashy. It builds a solid trust on how UNSW can be the perfect destination for most students to enter their global opportunities in the future.

The impressive events have us still rumbling with enthusiasm! Strong educational knowledge and an in-depth look into UNSW life through alumni sharing made for an enjoyable two days full of learning possible outcomes. We also had the opportunity to nurture our prospective students with effective counseling sessions. The support given throughout these sessions were genuinely valuable.

Our series of events featured something for everyone since we wanted to be sure that both parents and kids were aware of what they must complete for the academic program and start exploring all the other fun activities and events they could look forward to.


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