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Interested in studying overseas but yet close to Indonesia? Australia is undoubtedly the best option since it is only a 5- to 7-hour flight away from Indonesia. The third most popular country in the world for overseas students is Australia and its universities provide a high-quality education, there is no doubt about it!

By studying at one of Australia's top universities, such as UTS (University of Technology Sydney), students may broaden their network of connections on a global scale and reach their future success smoothly.

Benefits of the day:

  • A direct guaranteed acceptance

  • A perfect career fit driven by 150+ industry partners

  • A combined degree with international studies (China, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and Spain)

  • A 4-year post-study work visa extension

  • Pathway to permanent residency

Not only those, students who have attended the event and choose to enroll in the program are eligible for a limited discount of AUD 2,500 /term at UTS and an additional 25% discount by bringing their academic transcript.

Did you miss the Application Day? Not to worry, simply quickly click on this link:

Set your goals high and dare to dream of studying overseas. Not because everyone else is doing it, but because you can and will make your own path greater in success than anybody else's!


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