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UIC Creative Showcase, The Socio-Creative Entrepreneurship

The UIC Creative Showcase is the result of months of hard work, dedication, and creativity from students across the dynamic streams. These shows are an opportunity for students to showcase their unique ideas, innovative thinking, and impressive skills to the broader people.

From graphic design, fashion design, music production to business field, this event is an ideal platform for emerging talent students to demonstrate their potential and create a buzz in their prospective industries. With a focus on originality and quality, the shows provide a glimpse into the future of creativity, making them an essential event for students, and the public interested in exploring the cutting-edge of business and creative industries.

Special performances by: Doddy Soekasah feat. Janna Soekasah, Marcel Siahaan feat. Shal, Aghi Narottama, Fakhri Violin, and Triono Pudji

Talk Show: Financial Planning For Gen Z by Axa Mandiri and HOPE (Amanda Gratiana, Janna Soekasah, and Wulan Guritno)

Other activities:

Arts Design Exhibition, Business and Digital Marketing Idea, Computer Apps Idea, Music Performances, Talk Show by AXA Mandiri, HOPE, and Ivan Gunawan Cosmetics, Open Donation For Yayasan RCBadak by HOPE and UIC Students Union

Thumbs up to all the students that have participated, your talents don't go unnoticed and we hope you are proud of yourselves just as we are! Shine all the way to the top!


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