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Finish Your Studies at A Top U.S. Research Institute - Oregon State University

Do you have plans to get your Bachelor's degree in the U.S. Universities and are you looking for a university that will help you prepare for the industry and offer internship options? Well, you can start your degree through our pathway program and transfer to a U.S. university and get ready to graduate early.

Do you know that Pathway Program is basically preparatory that is designed to help you to build the skills, knowledge and qualifications that you need to enter a bachelor’s or master’s degree program at a chosen university. It is a stepping stone that leads you to your goal while preparing you about the process of moving abroad and adjusting to the culture in the U.S.
Just remember that every university has different strengths, so the importance of research is very highly recommended.

Oregon State University (OSU) is known for its cultural diversity and academic quality. They offer students opportunities to pursue an education that will set them on a path of leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. Students graduate with a broad knowledge base as well as practical skills that will prepare them for a life of positive contributions.

Check out the following types of scholarships available at OSU:
Provost’s Scholarship, Continued Success Scholarship, and Regional Scholarship.

For more information and insight about our campus, services and opportunities about UIC ADTP, connect with us today! Make us your first step toward an Oregon State University degree.


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