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Discover Top In-Demand Jobs with a Business Degree!

Management Studies programs can be directly involved in facing the real issues that frequently arise in the business world. It can enter various industrial fields and is easily applied to all lines of work, so future career opportunities are not limited to one field, but can spread across multiple sectors. This major’s job prospects include positions such as Business Analyst, Business Development, Marketing & Sales Executive, and others at the managerial level. It has great potential for you who want to start a career as an entrepreneur, in line with the development of industrial needs.
It is a starting point for UIC College - SIM GE in advancing global education that focuses on industry and individual student skills. SIM GE's teaching methods are oriented toward practical learning and holistic learning, allowing you to learn in a diverse cultural environment and become members of a global community.

You will benefit greatly from the UIC College-SIM GE partnership program and allows you to study for 15 months in Jakarta, at one of the USG Education campuses, Pondok Indah Campus, and then finish studies and earn a bachelor's degree for 1.5 years in Singapore (*depending on the Bachelor program selected).

So, why wait? Need more information about this pathway? Book your consultation schedule at USG Education Pondok Indah Campus


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