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Complete Preparation to study overseas from skills, mental, to language comprehension

Ready to graduate from high school? Want to stand out from your friends by studying at one of the Top Universities in the UK, Australia, Asia, or USA but lack confidence in your readiness and mental capacity?

Don't worry, if you've carefully planned and prepared, the chance will go smoothly. The experiences you will gain from global education will stay for the rest of your life.

IELTS preparation aims to provide you with a strong foundation for preparing for your international exam and to give you the abilities you'll need to pass the actual IELTS test in the future. As a matter of fact of this important component, mental readiness and interpersonal skills are also essential fundamentals for being prepared to study overseas.

We thank Ms. Irene Phiter as a Master Trainer BrainFit Indonesia, Parents Coach, Strengths Based Coaching of Gallup and Mr. Wiku Respati, Senior Teacher for The British Institute, for imparting such valuable knowledge and skills to the parents and students who came to the Open House at the USG Education Pondok Indah Campus. A pop-up shop sponsored by Menantea, Foresthree, and Kebab Asap helped make this event more successful.

So, explore your options, think about your goals, talk to our admission and prepare to step outside of your comfort zone and get ready to change the world. Because it all starts here..


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