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BSD and PI Campus Open House & Open Day

Having options is nice, but when making a major choice like choosing a university, research is required. Open Days or Open Houses can play a significant role here. At our Open Houses or Open Days, we try to encourage students to feel included and have great times by providing a variety of exciting and engaging activities that might spark their interests and passions. In order to help students make decisions about their futures, we're eager to deliver a clearer view of our programs. Attend one of our college open events if you're planning on getting an international high school qualification or access to a more advanced degree in study overseas. You will also learn about student life at USG Education and how we will help you gain the necessary knowledge and experience. You will get the chance to discover as much as you can about our international education programs, find more about your desired major, and take in the distinctive ambience of each of our campuses.

We fully comprehend that everyone has a busy schedule, so if you or your parents are unable to join in one place, simply set up a time, decide which campus in the area offers the programs you are interested in, and then schedule a counseling appointment with one of our student advisors at the most convenient time. We're looking forward to seeing you at our upcoming on-campus activities!


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